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Pearl of The Mediterranean Sea '' Antalya''

General Features:

Antalya is always the most popular holiday destination of Mediterranean coast.  Antalya which has an unique natural beauty is surrounded by Taurus Mountains(max. 3086 meters). Almost every kind of plant and fruit grow up on these lands. In particular, orange, lemon and banana groves, sesame and cotton fields are quite common.

Tourism, commerce, and agriculture have a major role in the development of this city. Mining and livestock breeding are also local community's other sources of livelihood.

Every year, millions of domestic and foreign visitors come to take a vacation, relax and have fun to Antalya. Simply, it is like a paradise brings together green and blue.

Climate characteristics:

The weather is ...


Land Purchase Process for Buyers

You must apply to land office together with all those documents. Land office is going to send to commander of Aegean Army by mail.

Note: Commander of Aegean Army is checking if not the location of the property is in military zone. The process of approval of Commander of Aegean Army takes minimum 2 or 3 months.

After confirmation of Commander of Aegean Army, land office ...


Buying, Leasing and Investment Property in Turkey

After the law of reciprocity was removed, interest to Turkey has increased. In order to buy or rent a house or office quite cheap and gainful in Turkey. Till now over 30.000 UK citizen, over 25.000 German citizen, over 10.000 Greek citizen and over 5.000 Russian citizen have bought real estate in Turkey. Germans were more likely to purchase land. British and Russian citizens have also bought ...


Steps of renting a house in Turkey

   Determine budget  

Let's start with the fact that you'll be pleasantly surprised with prices, because apartments rent is from $ 500 to $ 5 thousand per month and rental villas will cost from $ 1.5 to $ 10 thousand per month. For example rental villas for 4-5 people, furnished, with all necessary home appliances will cost about $ 2000 per month (this amount i ...


Useful İnformation for Tenants

         Issues to know for daily rental: If you want a flat or villa in Turkey, firstly have a look at comments about company and abode on internet. After deciding to rent, absolutely draw up a contract with landlord or agency. Contract is very important to know own rights and obligations. Daily rental, in general on internet or on te ...
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