Buying, Leasing and Investment Property in Turkey


After the law of reciprocity was removed, interest to Turkey has increased. In order to buy or rent a house or office quite cheap and gainful in Turkey. Till now over 30.000 UK citizen, over 25.000 German citizen, over 10.000 Greek citizen and over 5.000 Russian citizen have bought real estate in Turkey. Germans were more likely to purchase land. British and Russian citizens have also bought houses.

At first tourists was coming to Turkey for visiting but in time sea, sun and a cheap life have started to fascinate them. Coasts of Mediterranean sea and Aegean sea became an indispensable part of their life. For example; in Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum or Fethiye you can find an apartment minimum for 30.000 €. presents a lot of real estate alternative in Turkey. You can find offers from real estate agencies, construction companies or landlords here. Have a look, we are sure that you will find home of your dreams on our real estate portal.


Issues to know when you decided to buy property in Turkey:

 - Before obtaining a premises in Turkey, you must search about legal issues and location of premises well.

 Location of Premises: Close to centrum, public transport, hospita, school etc...?

 Legal Issues: who is home owner, registered in land registry office etc...?

- You must learn market price of premises well. About this topic, you should get help from a professional real estate agent.

- People who think for investment to obtain premises, must intuit possible developments in that location in the future and do marketing research.

- You must learn whether or tax liability, licence, utilization permit of property, suited for earthquake regulations.

- There must be social areas, green fields, market, shopping center... around property.

- If there will be necessary repair and renovation associated with the house in the future, you should add expenses into budget in advance.

- You must also know dues expenses of the apartment. For example: common electric, elevator, pool cleaning, porter's salary, heating and cleaning expenses etc...

- You must be sure that kitchen, toilet and bathroom's plumbing are working well or not.

- There must be done doors, windows,walls, garrets and floor's isolation of noise,rain and heat .

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