Land Purchase Process for Buyers


You must apply to land office together with all those documents. Land office is going to send to commander of Aegean Army by mail.

Note: Commander of Aegean Army is checking if not the location of the property is in military zone. The process of approval of Commander of Aegean Army takes minimum 2 or 3 months.

After confirmation of Commander of Aegean Army, land office is starting the proprietorship certificate purchase process. After ending all of process , buyer can take proprietorship certificate in Turkish.

  • The original and a photocopy(approved) of your passport
  • Tax identification number of the republic of Turkey
  • The copy of the title deed
  • Raise value of the property(You can take it from municipal government)
  • 1/5000 scaled map is showing the location of the property.

The process of proprietorship certificate handover procedures for foreigners:

  • In the Republic of Turkey, the process of the immovable property's purchase and sales only is made in land registry office.
  • Land application can be done only in two ways:

    - Apply of the owner of the immovable property or apply of her/his substitute in person.

    - Apply on internet. Click to apply on internet.

  • Foreign nationals natural people don't obtain more than total area of 30 hectares across Turkey.

About transfering Currency:

Currency's transfer in banks or financial institutions is unrestricted in Turkey.

Applications and Required Documents:

Natural People

For Sellers:

1- If avaliable, title deed. If not, a document is showing parcel and land number.

2- Passport and its photocopy, one passport size photograph.

3- Tax identification number of the republic of Turkey.

4- Raise value of the property.(You can take it from municipal government)

For Buyers:

1- Passport and its photocopy, two passport size photographs.

2- Tax identification number of the republic of Turkey.

3- The photocopy of earthquake insurance policy.

Note: Fees and taxes are at the same rate with Turkish citizens.(For example in Antalya % 0.2 for houses)

If there is a person who does'nt speak Turkish, then the person needs a certified translator and two witnesses.

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