Useful İnformation for Tenants


         Issues to know for daily rental:

  • If you want a flat or villa in Turkey, firstly have a look at comments about company and abode on internet.
  • After deciding to rent, absolutely draw up a contract with landlord or agency. Contract is very important to know own rights and obligations.
  • Daily rental, in general on internet or on telephone is made. You can't see interlocutor. So you shouldn't pay all of money in one go. At the begining, you should give a sum of money, and then when you will take the key of house, you should give the rest of money.
  • Get information about paid and free services of house.
  • For emergencies , dont forget to take a telephone number of person in charge.
  • If you decide to leave before or prolong your holiday, notify to person in charge a few days ago.
  • Read well about cancellation and rebate conditions.

         Issues to know by renting an apartment or villa for a long time in Turkey:

  • See a few times the house you will rent, don't decide at first sight!
  • Learn well, if not milieu of the house is correct choice for your social life.
  • For consulting and mediatorship services, certainly apply to a realtor.
  • Before renting the house, have a talk with the janitor or neighboors.
  • Draw up a contract in a notary's office!
  • Electric, water and natural gas counter's informations must be on the contract.
  • At the next leasing period, rate of rent increase and expenses of the building must be on contract.
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