Steps of renting a house in Turkey

1   Determine budget

Let's start with the fact that you'll be pleasantly surprised with prices, because apartments rent is from $ 500 to $ 5 thousand per month and rental villas will cost from $ 1.5 to $ 10 thousand per month. For example rental villas for 4-5 people, furnished, with all necessary home appliances will cost about $ 2000 per month (this amount includes payments to middlemen, realtors). Also, in most cases, it is needed a deposit. The deposit amount depends on agreement between you and the landlord. At the end of the rental time deposit will be returned to you. Total amount is about $ 2000 + cost of the flight thickets and you can stay a month. While the 10-day stay in 5 star hotels for one person costs about $ 2000. It turns out that a month of rest at the rented villa, much cheaper than 10-day stay at the hotel. Of course, these estimates are conditionally and in your case, the numbers may be different.


2   Choose your real estate

It is possible to rent real estate in Turkey for varying periods from a weeks to a year. Usually, the search for a suitable facility for rental require significantly less time than buying. That is why it is necessary, as soon as possible to get all possible information. In this case, the Internet simply can not be replaced. On our website are posted a lot of real estates for a rent. Using the search and asking the parameters, you get all the necessary information on the market. In case you have not found anything suitable, you can leave a request for rental.


3   Ticket acquisition

Once you have selected the property and verified that it is suitable for your requirements, you can move on to discuss the matter with the owner / representative of the conditions and timing of the lease. However, before you finally decide in what time frame you would like to rent a property, and especially before you sign the lease with the owner, we strongly recommend that you consider flight / travel in the required region.

Why is this so important?

Because in the tourist season, a huge flow of tourists rushes to stay in Turkey. In connection with this tour operators buy up seats in charter flights and sell them complete with travel packages. In high season for tour operators is not profitable to sell only flight, even in the two ends, therefore, in this period is hard to find tickets for the plane to the nearest airport to your property. What to do? First, as far as possible should be pre-set a date for your holiday and consider the possibility of travel in a designated period. After resolving issues with the flight, you can move on to the issue of signing with owner lease agreement, etc.

However, it is not always possible to find tickets to a particular airport. Suppose you choose a villa in Fethiye and would like to hold there your free time. In this case, the most convenient option is to fly to Dalaman airport, which at 45 km from Fethiye. In the event of a failure to flight direct flights to Dalaman, it is possible to consider options for flights to Antalya airport, or travel with change, for example, first to Istanbul, then domestic flights to Dalaman.

Such options are not so limited. However, important for all them is to decide which of these options is best to use it. This decision should not be put off otherwise you risk not getting on the long-awaited vacation. We wish you all good and nice flights.


4   Rental contract

As soon as the required property is found, you can move on to the drafting of the lease. We strongly advise you to not disregard legal side of the question. The agreement will ensure your rights of residence and proof of payment obligations over the term of the lease. The lease is composing on the basis of your agreement with the landlord, the notary only assures it, with the consent of both parties.


5  Have a nice holiday

Finally all possible questions about the lease, flights are over. This is the most pleasant time - the period carefree vacation. How to spend holiday everybody decide for himself. Most importantly, however, gave yourself to a pleasant and irrepressible holiday do not forget about his departure.

Turkey - it is very beautiful for its natur and rich for attractions. Here, each holidaymaker will be able to find its own style of holiday. To ensure that your vacation was the most interesting, vivid and memorable, you can explore the region in advance of stay, the neighboring regions, nearest historical and natural attractions. Renting a car, boat will allow you to discover previously unexplored Turkey.

We wish you a pleasant staying and successful cases.

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