Pearl of The Mediterranean Sea '' Antalya''


General Features:

Antalya is always the most popular holiday destination of Mediterranean coast.  Antalya which has an unique natural beauty is surrounded by Taurus Mountains(max. 3086 meters). Almost every kind of plant and fruit grow up on these lands. In particular, orange, lemon and banana groves, sesame and cotton fields are quite common.

Tourism, commerce, and agriculture have a major role in the development of this city. Mining and livestock breeding are also local community's other sources of livelihood.

Every year, millions of domestic and foreign visitors come to take a vacation, relax and have fun to Antalya. Simply, it is like a paradise brings together green and blue.

Climate characteristics:

The weather is quite hot in summer in Antalya. Especially in July and August. The average of air temperature is between 30-34 degrees in summer, 9-15 degrees in winter. The average annual humidity is around 64%.

Attractions and Historical Places:

Kaleici: The old center of the city which is surrounded by walls, now called Kaleici. Today, rather than settlement, people come here to make shopping and for sight-seeing.

Marina (Yat Limanı): The port of Antalya, formerly was used for commercial purposes. But then, in the west of the city a major seaport also was built. So now old port is used like a marina.

Hadrianus Gate (Three Doors - Uc Kapılar):  It was built in Roman times. The door is two floors. There are 3 units dome-shaped on the upper part.

Broken Minaret (The Kesik Minare): A.D. in 5. Century it was built like a basilica on an ancient temple. It was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan Korkut and also a minaret was added. There are the buildings of Ancient civilizations, The Eastern Roman Empire and The Seljuk Empire inside.

Hıdırlık Tower (Hıdırlık Kulesi): This is an ancient structure, was used for the fire light or the defense.

Yivli Minare ve Külliyesi (The Grooved Minaret): It was built by Seljuks in 13.century. There are 8 groovings and height of the minaret is 38 meters.

The Ancient Cities:

Perga: Perga is located the east of Antalya to away 18 km, between the Duden and Aksu rivers. It has been established by Riksos, Mapsas and Kalchas. There is a stadium next to theatre and this stadium is for 12.000 people. Under the stadium, there are 30 rooms.

Aspendus: 4 km away from Serik in Antalya. According to the ancient history of Greece, it has been discovered by Argos colonies. Aspendus was one of important settlements of the Hellenistic age. This city has been used as an important trading city during the Roman age. Agora is in the center of the city and close to the Basilica is 105 meters footer.

Termessos: Termessos was built 1050 meters at the height on the Taurus mountains. It has been declared a national park and is under protection. There are a large number of animal and plant species inside.

Phaselis: BC in the 7. century it has been founded by Rhodian and was the port of Lycia for many years. There are the agora, theater and baths in the city.

Olympus and Cirali (flaming rock): Olympus is a port city which was established in the valley BC in the 2. Century. It has a very beautiful beach and also here sea is very clean and limpid. Cirali is the name of the village near the Olympos. On this village's hill, stones are burning by natural gas leaking underground and is going on to burn everytime.

Myra (Demre):  This city is located between Kas and Phoenicia. BC in the 5. Century it was one of important cities of Lycia. There are St. Nicholas' Church, theater, and rock-cut tombs inside. St. Nicholas (also known as Santa Claus) was a saint who lived A.D. in the 4. Century. is a real estate portal. You can find here property for sale, rental and investment.

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