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30 million foreign visitors came to Turkey in 11 months! 06.01.2013
In November of 2012 In November of 2012, the number of foreign visitors who visited Turkey became 1 million 631 thousand 647 by increase of 2.21% compared to the same month of last year. 7.84%(127 thousand 924 people) of the visitors in November were overnight tourists. Between...
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Division of marital property and payment of state duty. 19.10.2012
Divorce is an unpleasant event but, nevertheless, it is a fact of life. It is not unusual when relations between spouses lose their charm and even turn into a torture that can become more painful day by day. Unfortunately, at this juncture many married couples separate. Marital...
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Lands – to Germans, apartments – to Russians 18.10.2012
Cancellation of the principle of reciprocity attracted Europe most of all. From the date of entry into force of the Law of May 18th, 2012 (the law on property acqiisition by non-residents) non-residents purchased property the total area of which is 437m2. Germans are leaders in relation to...
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High Interest of Foreigners in Construction Sector 22.08.2012
For the first half of this year, direct foreign investment in the construction sector amounted $1.254 billion, and the rent and real estate activities sector received direct investment of $ 184 million. According to the newsletter, "The data on direct international investment" of the...
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There are no barriers for the Russian investor in Turkey 15.08.2012
Clarification of the confusion associated with the latter provision, promulgated under the Law of mutualism governing the sale of real estate to foreigners in Turkey, pleased Russian investors. It was announced that in accordance with regulation prepared by the Main Directorate of Land Registry...
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Entered into force a new law on the sale of real estate to foreigners 09.08.2012
Minister for the Environment and Urban Planning Erdogan Bayraktar told about the law governing the procedure for acquiring real estate by foreigners. Minister for the Environment and Urban Planning Erdogan Bayraktar, pointing out that the main purpose of legislation which came into force on 3...
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The economy of Turkey increased onto 3.2% in the first quarter of the year. The stabilization in the state economy was determined by slight recession. 06.08.2012
The economy of Turkey increased onto 3.2% in the first quarter of the year. In the state economy, continuously growing during last 10 quarters, the deceleration in the apparent demand development and the increase of external demand parameters have stabilized the situation in the economical...
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The list of countries can obtain immovable real estate in Turkey 04.08.2012
Note : The countries undetermined exclusive circumstances in 35. clause of 2644. law (associated with foreign citizens) may obtain all kind of immovable real estate.   COUNTRY EXCLUSİVE...
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Here's the password to reciprocity 02.08.2012
Sabah Newspaper gave us last details of the reciprocity law is expected to bring foreign capital to Turkey in the amount of $ 300 billion over the next 10 years. That's a reference on what states and under what circumstances may sell real estate. The reciprocity law was approved by Turkish...
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Real Estate standstill: in last few months even two units of real estate property were not sold to foreign customers 31.07.2012
I can suppose that after reading the heading you first of all thought that this can be a mistake. But no, there is no mistake at all. In last few months even two units of real estate property were not sold to foreign customers – that’s true! WHY IT HAPPENED SO? Till May 18, 2012...
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Antalya - the leader in raising of secondary housing prices. 24.07.2012
It is reported, that in June the price of secondary housing rose most strongly in Antalya, and the rent - in Ankara. The prices for new housing increased by 12,57% as compared with the last year. According to the statements of "" and Society of Investment Partnerships in Real Estate...
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Singapore included $ 20 billion into the agenda about Turkish cities renewal. 30.03.2012
6 marth, one of the most prestigious international real estate fair – MIPIM – started its work. It is taking place in French city Cannes and many different Turkish companies are taking part in it. The first day of the Fair was open with the meeting of the Turkish delegation, consisting of 11...
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$2 billion investment into Real Estate 29.03.2012
$ 2 billion 13 million from the annual $ 15 billion 732 million amount of international direct investments into Turkey in 2011, consisting, were attracted to Real Estate sector. According to the journal of foreign direct investment data, the direct investment inflow into Turkey amounted to...
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Iran topped the list of foreign-financed companies established last year in Turkey. 16.03.2012
While the number of American companies in Turkey is just 210, Iran, with its 2140 companies, moved to the 3rd place after Germany and England. Iran broke record with the number of foreign-financed company it established in Turkey. Also it became the country which contributed the most to the...
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Property Sales Have Increased by 16.82 % 07.03.2012
Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) has announced property sales data of the 4th quarter of 2011. According to these, 118.867 homes have changed hands in this quarter and there was recorded a 16.82% property sales increase compared with the previous quarter. The highest sales increase...
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