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$2 billion investment into Real Estate

$ 2 billion 13 million from the annual $ 15 billion 732 million amount of international direct investments into Turkey in 2011, consisting, were attracted to Real Estate sector.
According to the journal of foreign direct investment data, the direct investment inflow into Turkey amounted to $ 3 billion 328 million in the year 2011.
The capital inflow related to partnership shares of foreign investors in domestic companies with foreign capital, totaled $3 billion 344 million in December 2011. $1 billion 474 million of these were attracted into manufacturing sector, while $1 billion 471 million went into electricity, gas and water sector
$1 billion 349 million, which is more than 40% of total volume of capital inflow, estimated at $3billion 349 million, came from Asian countries.

Foreign interest rates in Real Estate shrunk by 19%

The volume of foreign direct investment inflow in the period from January to December of 2011 increased by 74% over the previous year to $15billion 732 million. 87% or $13 billion 179 million of these came from foreign direct capital items. The total amount of foreign direct capital invested into Turkey in 2011 increased by 109,6% compared with the previous year. In 2010 it constituted $6 billion 544 million.
%2 billion 13 million of foreign investment were made into Real Estate sector. The foreign interest in Real Estate sector shrunk by 19% last year compared with the year 2010. The amount of foreign direct investment made into Real Estate in 2010 had totaled $2 billion 494 million.

$6 billion – by means of foreign intermediaries

As for foreign capital inflow attracted into Turkey on the basis of foreign direct investments, it has been multiplied by 2,5 to $15 billion 703 million. In 2010 it constituted $6 billion 238 million. $5 billion 900 million from total amount of investments made into Turkey in the period from January to December 2011 resulted from foreign intermediary institutes’ activity.
$148 million of annual amount of FDI were invested in Mining and Quarrying sector, $3 billion 355 million in manufacturing industry last year. Manufacture of food products, beverage and tobacco saw the highest level of investment, ($648 million) among manufacturing industry sectors followed by electro-optic devices sector ($428 million), and manufacture of chemical products ($316 million).
$4 billion $246 million were directly invested in Electricity, gas, water sector; $523 million in wholesale and retail sale trade sector; $238 million in transport, storage and communication sector; $556 million in real estate, renting and business activities sector; and $232 million in health  and social services sector.

France is ranked third among countries having made the largest investments

70,8% or $11 billion 120 million from the total investment amount of 2011 came from EU member states. Holland made the largest investments ($1 billion 403 million), being followed by USA ($1 billion 403million), France ($985 million), England ($895 million) and German ($520 million). Foreign investment came from Asian countries constituted $2 billion 23 million, while that from Middle East countries amounted to $1 billion 518 million.

 Golf investment and German investments in Turkey declined by 47%, and 13% respectively

The annual investment in Turkey from USA has been multiplied by 4,3 in 2011 over the year 2010, that coming from EU member states has been multiplied by 3,6. England has multiplied its investment volume into Turkey by 3,2 and Holland by3,35. In this period German investment inflows declined by 12,9% to $520 million, those coming from Golf countries  reached $205 million, having declined by 47%.

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