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30 million foreign visitors came to Turkey in 11 months!


30 million foreign visitors came to Turkey in 11 months!

In November of 2012

In November of 2012, the number of foreign visitors who visited Turkey became 1 million 631 thousand 647 by increase of 2.21% compared to the same month of last year.

7.84%(127 thousand 924 people) of the visitors in November were overnight tourists.

Between the most preferred cities by foreign tourists coming to Turkey in November of 2012,Istanbul was at the first place by 44.61%,Antalya was at the second place by 16.86%, Edirne was at the third place by 10.81%, Artvin was at the fourth place by 7.92% andIzmir was at the fifth place by 2.86%.

The list, of countries which sent the most visitors to Turkey in November of 2012:Germany ranked the first place with 263 thousand 34 people, Georgia ranked the second place with 123 thousand 532 people, Bulgaria ranked the third place with 112 thousand 476 people. And ranking; Syria, Russia, Iran, USA, France, England, Greece followed them.

The numbers of visitors in 11 months

30 million 439 thousand 612 foreign tourists visited Turkey from January to November of 2012.

6.54% of these (1 million 990 thousand 520 people) were overnight tourists.

4 million 870 thousand 160German citizens, 3 million 542 thousand 935 Russian citizens and 2 million 415 thousand 269 theUk citizens visited Turkey in first 11 months of 2012 (from January to November).

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