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Cost per square meter increases

Cost per square meter increases

Turkey's statistical office published "Statistics of building permits for the 4 th quarter of 2010. " report. In 2010, the cost per square meter of construction increased by 6,9% compared to the same period last year.

Showing growth of 6.9% over the same period last year, the cost per square meter of construction is now 577.2 lira ($ 362.8). Last year the cost per square meter of construction was 539.7 lira ($ 357.65).

As compared with 2009 in 2010, area of objects which have received municipal authorities’ permission to build grew on 59.7%, number of the buildings on 39,5%, cost value on 70,8%, number of apartments on 58,7%.

According to building permits last year the number of buildings was 79,021, in 2010 this value increased by 39.3% to $ 110,092. Area of the projects in 2010 showing an increase of 60,9% grew from 77,912,168 to 125,345,494 square meters.

As compared with the previous year, in 2010 the area of the projects that received the operating permit from municipal authorities decreased by 14,6%, the number of buildings with a similar resolution has decreased by 18,2% , the cost by 8,7%, the number of flats by 13% .
In general, according to the report on permits for putting into operation the number of residential buildings that was 67,228 in 2009 decreased by 17.2% to 55,652 in 2010, the living space that also showed the decline by 13,5% to 51,485,229,.

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