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For sale is inclosed land on the shores of the Bosphorus


In connection with the crisis the 10th Executive Chamber of Istanbul is working in dense mode and just completed the preparations for the biggest trading of this year. December 18 plot worth 318 million pounds will be for sale in the 3rd time .

In this area there is a building of one of the biggest Turkish firms Alarko Holding'in and also a building which belong to Syrian Embassy. For the company Alarko Holding the lease expires in April 2010. But Ayhan Yavrucu the CEO of Alarko Holding said that his company is not interested in this trading.

This land has been left by Asım Onur the owner of the well-known hospitals in Istanbul named «Şifa Yurdu» as a legacy and had triggered a dispute between his children. The result was a court decision on the sale.

In the first section was in 22 July 2009. But buyers weren't found and the second auction was in 13th of October, but they also failed. Bidding will be held on the 10th Executive Chamber in Istanbul. In the first auction was sought 60% of the appraised value, the second 40%.

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