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Foreigners again prefer to settle near the sea.


Among the 103 051 foreign citizens that have acquired property in Turkey, the most popular places to settle are the coastal cities. The area, where highest number of properties were purchased by foreigners is Antalya, followed by the region of Mugla and Aydin.

In that way 38 398 foreign nationals have acquired in Antalya 29691 property objects, while in Mugla, these figures were 19 604 foreigners and 14 089 objects in Aydin 16 753 foreigners became owners of 12 114 objects, 11 967 foreigners preferred to buy 11 556 facilities in Istanbul, 5377 foreigners bought 5070 objects in Bursa, 5009 foreigners bought 5059 sites in Izmir, 1534 bought 2101 facilities in Ankara, in Mersin 2018 foreigners bought 1 929 facilities, 1231 - 1755 in Hatay, and in Balikesir 1127 objects of real estate were acquired by 982 foreigner.

While buying real estate foreigners prefer to avoid provinces of eastern and south-eastern parts of Turkey. The most unpopular areas where foreign citizens have purchased property less than anywhere in Turkey are Van, Gümüşhane, Mus, Ardahan, Bingöl and Bilecik. In Van, real estate acquired by only 1 foreigner, in Gümüşhane - 2, Mouchet and Ardagane - 4, in Bilecik and Bingöl real estate was acquired by seven foreign nationals.

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