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In 2009th year is expected decline in sales of real estate in Turkey.

In the continuation of a few days ago started the cycle of forecasts regarding the Turkish real estate market, we are publishing opinion of Emre Çamlıbel.

Emre Çamlıbel -  CEO of “Soyak Holding”
Emre Camlibel«Began in 2008  global crisis in Turkey, the rise of interest rates on housing loans. Due to stop the development of the economy in the sale of time for experienced stagnation and instability. During the first 9 months of 2008, compared with the same period in 2007, this sector decreased by 1,1%. As the vision and prepared to the entrepreneurs and firms through various campaigns have been able to create the desired demand. We as a company "Soyak Yapı"  in the month of October in the area Karşıyaka of Izmir gave 2500 apartment as "Soyak Siesta" project. It was suggested that the concept of housing in the «low buildings» for all tastes. It had also provided a convenient means of payment and housing loans. The project combined the functionality of modern life elements and was being interested. Only in the first month we sold 150 apartments.

According to the report of study "GYODER", in Turkey every year there is a need for 600,000 new apartments. This demand  we have to meet in the next 15 years. Only 20% of those in need families have money for it. Therefore it is necessary to create other means of subsidies. Thus, in order to meet this demand need help as social organizations, and private sector firms. Together with the support of private sector firms will be possible construction of new projects with affordable prices, targeted at families with an average prosperity and low.

Among the benefits, which would give the state the reduction of VAT on the land for construction, for a building permit, for housing. Besides all this, we can also include here not for taking of tax stamp. Such encouragements will reduce the selling price of housing. On the other hand, together with the mediation of NGOs and private sector firms will be put into practice projects with acceptable prices, which in turn, will create a platform to rapidly meet the demand for housing for families with middle and low income. For example, if the land for construction will retire from the owners of non-governmental organizations. In this case, the company of private sector will be able to create projects for convenient prices and demand will be accelerated. Thus, we believe that there is a need for such a "policy of mutual assistance."

Thanks to a housing policy stagnation in the construction sector sly touch with the place. Besides, if the banks also will provide the housing loan is a positive impact on the sale of real estate. In the atmosphere of a simplified system of selling real estate housing market will get the necessary impetus. In the construction sector consists of about 254 sub-sectors: cement, glass industry, liquid concrete, and others. As the engine of the economy of Turkey housing sector, along with all the subsectors of 30%. Taking this into account, the growth sector is the development and new jobs. Among other things, in an atmosphere of simplified system of buying house for families with medium and small prosperity will be advised of the illegal purchase and sell of  real estate and urban development in our country will have the opportunity to grow.

In the 2009th year, the development of the construction sector is directly dependent on political stability and the investment community organizations. In the first 6 months of the 2008th year, compared with the same period in previous years, there has been a decline in the issuance of building permits (for 13,6%) and the operating permit (at 7,4%) of the total number of buildings. That is, starting in 2008 and the new 2009th year expected decrease in sales of real estate.

In the 2009th year, aimed at wealthy construction projects created wastes. Therefore, instead of guiding them to be on families with middle and low wealth, as well as the need to carry out various actions and campaigns that will move the schedule up sales. We have changed the criteria to analyze the sale of customers and make needed conditions. We see this period as an ideal for promotion campaign and strengthen the process and confidence. All that will remain a society that effectively use the support. Help housing market, which is the basis of the country's economy, would be the best support, which is beneficial to all the influence.»

News was edited by «VESTA Estate»

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