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Interest rates fell down over 1,50% , real estate prices fell over 30 percent.

real estate turkeyInterest rates fell down over 1,50% , real estate prices fell over 30 percent. So, how can we know if it goes on? Is it possible to invest during such a period?

Global crisis has caused a huge fall of market. Especially it had a bad influence on housing market and many other sectors. The construction has entered in last year with a many different projects. But unfortunately without being finished they have been caught in a crisis. According to the news of the world newspapers, the crisis has shown itself in the third quarter of the year. That is why were stocked so many unsold hoses. This process caused decline of market prices. The location of the stagnation crisis caused interest rates to drop down to the vitality withdrawal. So, it was possible to increase attractiveness of housing loans.

Will   prices rise again?

House prices declined between 50% and 30%. Housing loan interest rates in the month fell down over 1,50% . In this period major construction companies have created many promotion campaigns which caused marker rise. Real estate brokers have remarked that now is the best time to get housing. Some experts while saying that it is possible prices to be declined a little more are contending that prices will rice again.

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