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Istanbul real estate exhibition will shock by more than dollars projects.

gyoderNearly 50 construction companies will show their projects cost more than dollars on the realty exhibition in Istanbul this year.  The realty exhibition is organized by Association of Real Estate Investment Partnership (GYODER) and Reed Exhibitions. It will last from 2-d June up to 4-Th. The name of realty exhibition in Istanbul will be "İstanbul Restate".  According to the speech of the GYODER president Turgay Tanes in exhibition is going to participate nearly 50 construction companies which will represent 100 construction projects total price of which is more than dollars.

Turgay  Tanes said that in realty exhibition will participate nearly 500 of realty experts and  Vienna government representatives. Among exhibition participators except Vena government and ex-ministry of Austrian economics will be seen delegation from countries of the Persian Gulf and from the South and East Europe.  This realty exhibition is going to be the biggest one in the world.  Tanes has noticed that Istanbul takes honorary place among the best cities of the world. Also the realty market of Turkey has started to plat important role in the common world realty market. Construction companies of Turkey organize different promo-actions and companies trying to escape.  If you take a look at Turkish realty you will see difference of it position for some months. Europe realty market has not made any step no left no right but Turkish realty market being not much destroyed by financial crisis are getting bigger and bigger.
Istanbul is the most convenient for the realty fair

The General Manager of Reed Exhibitions is Maathias Limbeck. He said the main reasons of realty fair organization in Istanbul. First of all Istanbul is the biggest and the most important city in Europe. This realty exhibition may change future development of Istanbul. If we take into account hugeness of Istanbul we will easily understand that realty exhibition organized in Istanbul is right decision. Limbeck confess to us that he was persuaded by Tanes to organize the biggest realty fair in the world in Istanbul. This exhibition must attract the world countries attention. There are many disputes how should be organized this realty exhibition because of fear that crisis has not ended yet. Limbeck consider that these disputes will play positive role for the Istanbul future development. Sure, that we will meet with different problems in this year and 2010, but it is hoped to get out of crisis with great profit. The Austrian company of hypermarkets is going to visit Turkey. This company is planning to open the same chain of hypermarkets in Turkey. The president of “İstanbul Restate” Nurhan Azizoğlu has told much about profits which of foreign investors in Turkish realty. He has noticed that realty exhibition will be visited just by realty sector representatives. Last months for the Turkish realty seem to be full of actions. So, Turkey is far away from the countries which are affected of low demand. Azizoğlu is hoped Turkey realty market will grow much more in future.

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