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Statistics on sales of Turkish real estate for the last 3 months


While the whole world is shaking from the impact of global crisis, the attention of foreigners into Turkish real estate only increases. Comparative analysis showed that the number of Turkish property acquired by foreigners has not decreased and for the period July-October was at 3 thousand units of residential property. In the first place in real estate purchase list are the Germans. Despite the fact that the epicenter of the financial crisis is a U.S. citizens of this country bought nearly 1000 pieces of the Turkish residential property. Representatives of Turkish Cadastral Organization said that despite the crisis,  the Turkish real estate sales to foreigners is not stopped. As a result by July of this year, the total number of real estate sold to foreigners has reached 65 thousand 856 units. For the period July-October 2008 were sold to foreigners 3 thousand 60 units, bringing the total number of real estate sold to foreigners to 68 thousand 916 units.

Antalya is still the most wanted.
The same representatives of Turkish Cadastral Organization stated that the number of real estate sold in the last 3 months above the expected level. The leader of purchased real estate by foreigners remains Antalya region, followed by regions of Mugla, Istanbul, Aydin and Bursa.

The Germans lead despite crisis
Over the past 3 months, 2 thousand 824 foreigners have bought property in Turkey. However, most of Turkish real estate was acquired by the citizens of Germany. They are followed by citizens of Austria, Denmark, Holland and France. In mentioned period 19 U.S. citizens have acquired the Turkish real estate with total area of 2thousand 53sq. m Thus the total number of U.S. citizens, bought real estate in Turkey stood at 896 people. According to the total area of acquired real estate in the first place, again the Germans - 23 million 634 thousand 480 sq. m., followed by Britons - 5 million 178 thousand 460 sq. m.

How many units have citizens of different countries   
German 9 426 units
Englishmen 5 410 units
The Greeks 6 000 units
The Dutch 3 149 units
Austrians 2 640 units
USA citizens 905 units

In last 3 months was sold 5.7 million sq.m. of real estate
By July total number of foreign citizens who bought property in Turkey amounted to 75 thousand 937 people, but for the last 3 months, the figure rose to 78 thousand 761 people.

  By July total area of real estate acquired by foreigners amounted to 41 million 382 thousand 579 sq. m., but in the last 3 months, the figure rose to 47 million 107 thousand 864 sq. m.

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