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The export of turkish cement was increased to 83%


According to information given by Turkish Cement Producers Association (TCPA) in time tnterval January-July was produced 30 million 999 thousand 799 ton of cement.

At the end of indicated period from produced volume of cement was exported 6 million 504 thousand 97 ton. Thus, in compression with similarly period of last year cement production was increased on 10% and export on 83,2%. In similarly period of 2007 year was produced 28 million 239 thousand 358 ton of cement and exported 3 million 549 thousand 484 ton.

As in last years, big volume of cement was produced on factories of  Marmara Sea region. On factories of this region in 7 month was produced 8 million 979 thousand 587 ton of cement, on factories of central part of Anatolia 5 million 130 thous. 15 ton, on factories of Mediterian Sea region 4 million 939 thous. 746 ton, on factories of Black Sea region 3 million 587 thous. 831 ton, on factories of Aegean Sea region 3 million 710 thous. 137 ton, on factories of south-east Anatolia region 3 million 360 thous. 103 ton, on factories of east Anatolia region 1 million 292 thous. 380 ton. It is expected that in 2008 year would be produced 55 million ton of cement. For example in last year it was produced 49 million 255 thous. 300 ton of cement.

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