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There is no end of those gifts offered with the purchase of housing

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After the sale was stopped construction companies began to campaign to attract buyers. Sales discounts reached 25%, while loans extended by 72 months. Gifts of purchase have never been so generous.

Together with the global economic crisis rising of interest rates on housing loans, the buyer of the middle class has been in difficult position. Because of that dream to buy a home was moved for the next spring.  Families with high prosperity are in anticipation of the recession in prices. That is why real estate market rose. To change this difficult situation construction companies carry out various actions. Some companies offer to customers in certain towns different models of cars, gift checks in furniture stores. Others make a discount of up to 25%.

There are those who offer 4 models of cars.
Construction company "Hasko İnşaat" will give buyers of villas project "Eşil Oba Konakları" in Zekeryaköy Renault Megane, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic or Citroen.

Who buys a house in Bodrum, get Hyundai.
Construction company "Akkoyun İnşaat" buyer housing "Akropol Deluxe" offers Hyundai.

Who buys by cash gets Micra.
Construction company "B & B Yapı" presents the Nissan Micra for buyers by cash a home in the "Bulvar Evleri", located in Beylikdüzü.

The gift - car worth 20,000 lira.
In Antalya on the acquisition of housing in the "Fener Evleri" construction company "MSN Plus Home Construction" gives the car cost 20,000 lire (about 11,900 dollars).

Gift Check from IKEA.
Construction company "Optimus Yapı" gives a gift check for 10,000 lire to İKEA to buyers of villas "Balyanus Evleri", in Bayramoğlu.

First, rent and then buy.
Because of the stop housing sales, construction companies carrying out various promotions and campaigns: discount installment, gifts, etc. The latest way to attract buyers, was first lease, then buy.

Construction company "Kuryap İnşaat" proposes a new scheme for those who takes shelter in the "Royal Park Residence" located in Akfırat. If you wish to purchase housing costs will be deducted from the total amount of rent.

Prices for completion of the construction firm "Emay İnşaat" draft "Kentplus" in Mimarsinane (Mimarsinan) defines immediatly. After two years, buyer which wants to buy a home can buy it by subtracting the price of rent for two years. In addition, the purchase offers various forms of payment.

Unimaginable discounts if you pay in cash.
The first 12 months of stable installment.

For those who want to buy a home from the construction firm "Sinpaş", proposed by installment for 72 months. The first 12 months of stable installment. Subsequent months of interim payments once a year will increase by a ratio of 1 to 3 according to the CPI.

Construction company "Garanti Koza", "Akiş" along with "Corio" offered to customers in "Akkoza" in the area Esenyurt free installments for 60 months and without preliminary   advance. The first year installment will be free, in the following years the interest rate and interim payments will be tripled under the CPI.

Construction company "Dap Yapı", offers purchasers of housing in the "Centro Futura", located in Sarıgazi  24 months free installments. Initially, the advance is paid 15% of the amount. After 2 months, another 15%. In installments for 36 months the interest rate per month is 0.99%, with 48 months installments is 1,20%.
There is also a proposal to free installments for 40 months.
Recently in the sale of apartments in the "Regnum tower", "Astrum Tower" are offered without pre-payment and free delay of 40 months.
Construction company "Kuzu Grup" offers the following options for home buyers in "Spradon Kuleler" located in Bahçeşehir. If you pay 50% advance 20% discount with free delay of 30 months, by paying 40% advance 15% discount with free delay of 24 months, by paying 30% advance 10% discount with the free delay of 18 months. If you are buying in cash  you are getting 25% discount.

If you pay 25% by cash you get free installment.
Construction company "Uğurgül İnşaat" offers buyers of apartments in "Validesuyu Konutları" located in Gaziosmanpaşa Küçükköy, with the advance of 25% of the cost-free installments for 12 months and 24 months installments at an interest rate of 0,1%. Payment by cash is offered discounts from 3% to 4%.

   Construction company "Yuvataş İnşaat" offers buyers of villas in "Tepe Park", located in Akfırat, if you pay 50% of the price for 12 months you get a free percent  installments. With installments in 36 months interest rate is 1.2%.

If you pay by cash 25% discount.
Construction company "Canan Yapı" invites customers to "Canan Residence", in Ataşehir, if you pay in cash 25% discount. In advance of 40% of the value provided free percent installment up to 36 months. In addition, if you pay 20% in cash  discount is 20%.
In advance of 20% of the price of interest rate 0,44%.

Construction company "Artaş-Öztaş-Doğu İnşaat Ortak Girişimi" invites customers to "Avrupa Konutları", in Gaziosmanpaşa, if you pay in cash 20% of amount of interest rate 0,44% on installments in 12 months. In installments for 24 months 1.08% for 36 months 1.31%.  For  48 months 1.42% and for  60 months 1.49%. In installments of 72 to 120 months and the interest rate varies from 1.54% to 1.62%.

If you pay in cash 20% discount.
Construction company "Dumankaya İnşaat" offers buyers of last 20  apartments in the  "Trend", in Kurtköy, if you pay in cash 20% discount and free percent installments for 12 months. In installments of 36 per month rate 0.39%, to 48 months 0.71% for 60 months 0.89%.

Construction company "Dumankaya İnşaat" offers purchasers of housing in the "Vizyon", in Kartal, if you pay in cash 10% discount, and housing  in "Konsept", Kurtköy, with 12% discount.
In installments for 60 months, the interest rate of 1%.

Construction company "D Yapı" offers buyers of apartments in the "Mall City Residence", in Esenler with advance 30% of the amount of installments for 60 months with interest rate of 1%.

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