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Turkey to host int'l real estate conference


The Central Europe Real Estate Unions Network, or CEREAN, annual conference will take place at the Marmara Hotel in Istanbul beginning today and ending Wednesday.

  CEREAN's conference took place in Bucharest, Romania in 2007, and the participants decided the next conference should be held in Turkey. Turkey will host CEREAN's conferences for the first time.

  The participants are going to discuss the recent developments on the real estate sector on a professional basis during the conference, while they will also evaluate the cooperation and investment opportunities within the sector, both at the national and international level, during the conference.

  We have acquired the right to hold this conference in Turkey with the help of the publicity report prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said Sabri Ateş, head of CEREAN Turkey and of the Chamber of Istanbul Real Estate Commission Agents.

  Besides, the blooming real estate sector in Istanbul has been influential behind the holding of the conference in Istanbul, Ateş said.

  The conference will be a coordinating point for the real estate sector in the international arena, Ateş said.

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